The latest product in our company is two layer PE Spray Hose.
This product is particularly used in green hoses, it reduce more than 20%-30% humidity of air and decrease the insect disaster.
Fruit trees , gardens, field crops, grass , vegetables, etc are other areas of spray hose application.
The range of our products are 1 inch to 2 1/2 inch
These pipes are two layers.
 watering and fertilizing in the same time, would improve the use of fertilizer
They save 50-80% labor, 40-80% water consumption , 50% fertilizer and increase production by 10-30% Low pressure, less energy consumption.

  • Flexible use, easy to coil, storage and transportation
  • Uniform irrigation, large irrigation area
  • Effective spraying width 2.5-10 meters bilateral .spraying depending on internal hose pressure.
  • Working pressure 0.4 bar- 0.8 bar
  • Hole spraying, any specification can be provided according to customer's request. (mostly 3, 5, 7, 9 holes )


  •     Non-toxic, odorless anti-aging, light weight
  •     Holes smooth and evenly
  •     According to different crops, different hole design can be selected
  •     Low pressure water pipe line used, saving time and  water
  •     Adjustable spraying width, height, and area by adjusting the water pressure
  •     The specification such as hole design, hole spacing, color, thickness, length , etc according to customer requirement
  •     Cross aperture beneath plastic film 35-45m out door spray 35-100m
  •     Can be used in plain and sloping fields
  •      Recyclable