One of the new products of sepahan pooyeh co. is two layer PE Lay Flat Hose.
These pipes are used for irrigation and low pressure water supply in general industry, construction conveyance and discharge water.
It is ideal for drip irrigation at low pressure connected with thin wall drip tapes & irrigation pipes.
PE Lay Flat Hose is suitable for uneven farms.
Its weight is much lighter than rigid PE pipe and PVC lay flat pipes.
The range of our products are 25-125mm.Thickness and length is according to customer's requirements.


  •     Flexible, light weight ,easy transportation and installation
  •     Weather and corrosion resistance
  •     Easy to coil and carry in the farm, during and at the end of work season
  •     Low cost
  •     Collapsible when not in use
  •     Increase productivity
  •     Watering and fertilizing the crops at the same time
  •     recyclable