Applications Of Polypropylene Pipes:

  • Cold and hot water of residential buildings
  • City water system networks
  • Central heating system of buildings
  • Food and chemical industries
  • Compressed air system



Raw Material:


The raw material used in our company for production of polypropylene Pipes and fitting is polypropylene random copolymer, PPRC-TYPE3.

Due to its high molecular weight and hight temperature stabilization,PPRC-Type 3 is ideal for applications which require high resistance to temperature ,pressure and aggressive media such as pressure Pipes for hot and cold water, floor-heating and chemical industries.

PPRC-type 3 has excellent resistance too hoop stress, high impact strength at low temperature and high chemical resistance. The raw material which is used in production of our PP pipes and fitting meets the regulations and requirments for materials in contact with drinking water & does not have any effect on teste and odour of water.